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Tyler Perry

The New KING of Black Hollywood..

They use to laugh at him, the man in the dress...

No matter what race you are if you are a citizen of Atlanta and you are a supporter of the entertainment and tourism industry. Then Tyler Perry and the Tyler Perry Studio makes you feel like you are watching a surreal part of history being created. You also feel like a proud parent. Without even knowing Tyler Perry, but knowing that he is giving so many opportunities to the citizens of Georgia makes you proud for him to be a citizen of Atlanta, GA.


After his tear jerking speech on BET as he shared "That he now owns a base where confederate soldiers once plotted and planned on how to keep 3.9 million negroes enslaved now that base, is owned by one of those negros". That speech made many people who criticized him of not being a good actor or writer but just a man in a dress, take notice and made them start to respect  that man in that dress because what he has accomplished he has done without denying the black community, without branding photos with tons of white icons but giving honor and love to black entertainers who are icons to the black community but may have never been given acknowledgement in the main stream entertainment industry and Tyler has made them Iconic or helped people remember they are Icons.

He has been crowned the New King of Black Hollywood not just  because he  gave opportunities to some of the most notable  talent in the world, Black, Hispanic and White like Idris Elba, Tessa Thompson, Sofia Vergara and Brooke Anne Smith not just because he has provided a second opportunity to stars who were forgotten like Crystal R. Fox. Now, because of him people of color can dream of becoming the next big thing they no longer have to wait in line until Hollywood selects 5 blacks out of 100's of white casted for several projects they know now they have a better chance because a man named Tyler Perry has helped kick in the door to open it just a little wider so more people of color can be casted because he is writing and producing more productions and providing more opportunities for the black community.

 All Hail the New King of Black Hollywood….

                               Contributor: Wilson A.

                                         Photo: Tim Rogers

Love & Basketball

Kobe & Gianna

The Love they shared  8,24,2...

There is nothing like having something in common with your dad when your a daddy's girl. Especially when you are the middle child and the other two siblings are girls as well. The word basketball in the Bryant home had to be the key word to a lot of conversation starters and the key word to end a lot of conversations as well. You can imagine because they were the two basketball athletes in the home that they had a special bond that basketball created. How special it is that, for eternity Kobe & Gianna will have each other.


While unfortunate they departed in such a terrible accident and both with so much life left to live. They left the world in pursuit of what they both shared, the love of basketball, and they will always have one another  to continue those conversations as they wait for the rest of the family to join them. A Love Story that leaves so many hurt, and confused yet for the two of them we can only imagine will continue through their love for their family and basketball.

                                                                                            Contributor: Monique William

                        Photo: Provided by Lady R


Is it Wrong to Not Want To Date Someone Not on Your Level?

No One Person is Better but We are Different...

Some people say opposites attract and maybe in some cases that's true. In some cases dating has to be an introduction to a friendship at least. If you are dating someone who is not interested in supporting you even if they are not interested in the things you do, and they constantly make you question yourself and they make it seem like you should settle and not want more in life then how could that relationship work? Yet we constantly feel bad for wanting the motivated money driven sexy partner because we feel like we need to be realistic.


Well NEWS FLASH go after the person who is in support of you it may be the sports watching gamer who is content with his job at the YMCA or the Teacher who plays cards every Friday night and is content. Both are great careers but if you want to be the next  Millionaire or Media Mogul they may  not be interested in the sacrifice and glam so before you date the cute secure person or the sexy spontaneous person consider are you both on the same level, love may not be enough. 




                        Contributor: Sean Dayton

                                    Photo: Shutter


Regina King

Finally Getting The Recognition She Deserves..

The American Sweetheart is finally getting her just do. Regina King has been on a winning ticket for the last few years. When we think about paying your dues in Hollywood, Regina should definitely be on that list. She got her infamous start on 227 an African American syndicated show but has been in some classics like Poetic Justice, Boys in the Hood, Friday, Ray, Higher Learning, we cant forget Jerry Maguire and Miss Congeniality 2, so much more even voice over work in children films  like The Bully and Fire & Rescue.

   Contributor: David Wells

    Photo: Shutter

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