Tyler Perry 

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Tyler Perry is getting the nod from the people and its not just the black people but its the people of his city, Atlanta. The Producer, Writer, Actor, Philanthropist has been giving opportunities to everyone regardless of race, gender, age or criminal history.

Kobe & Gianna

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There is nothing like having something in common with your dad when your a daddy's girl. Especially when you are the middle child and the other two siblings are girls as well. The word basketball in the Bryant home had to be the key word to a lot of conversation starters and the key word to end a lot of conversations as well. 

Regina King
America's Darling

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 The American Sweetheart is finally getting her just do. Regina King has been on a winning ticket for the last few years. When we think about paying your dues in Hollywood, Regina should definitely be on that list. She got her infamous start on 227 an African American syndicated show but has been in some classics like Poetic Justice, Boys in the Hood, Friday, Ray, Higher Learning, we cant forget Jerry Maguire and Miss Congeniality 2