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            For the fashion forward reader, E-Line
            guarantees to give you page after page of beautiful high fashion models that represent the different types of women and men of all shades even exotic models from exotic places and yes we will even show you high fashion women in a size higher than eight. This magazine is the first fashion magazine to show high fashion models in high end

designs for great prices it may show a little eye candy but not much. Couture and high end deals will grace these pages. This a Fashion & Entertainment Magazine.


Our broad advertisement section has a great avenue for both large and small businesses. Ads placed in E-Line offer a variety of services that benefit most consumers. These ads are not only a website away, but we are able to offer services and the knowledge of knowing what is most needed and available in many cities and states.

E-Line Magazine advertisers reaches out and touches a dynamic market of well-known distribution sites well over 2,000 fine retail stores 74 in the state of Kentucky. Our magazine distribution sites are read by the public that have daily contact with magazine/bookstore outlets,

service establishments, and professional offices. With our established monthly readership of over 22,000 online 10,000 print readers, E-Line is a valuable marketing tool. We give you more for your marketing dollar than the price of dollars spent on radio or television spots. Studies show that print publications are more effective when a person can visually view advertisement. This gives readers more frequency to see a business ad than listening to a spot that eventually will no longer be heard. For a full month, advertisement from E-line is seen more often because the publication can be viewed all the time. Our targeted audience is not only for the working class, but also a source of entertainment for all age readers.

If your business would benefit from additional exposure to an extraordinary publication that features an essential market, than E-Line Magazine is the publication for you. If you’re interested in purchasing an ad please contact us.

monthly magazine features a progressive clear understanding of journalistic ideas and editorials. E-Line magazine gives an exciting illustration of interesting editorial concepts that clearly focuses on interesting cultural cities. Our magazine pioneers, are not only natives of the fashion and entertainment world, but they have years of skills and editorial training.  


Our account executives insure outstanding ads to grasp the interest of a buyer’s eye. The crisp clear colorful pictures advertise a product that gives the advertising client satisfied sales. The objective of E-Line magazine is to introduce our readers to a world of success stories from the small town icons to the distribution sites of Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia, New York and Chicago. Our office in Kentucky it is just the beginning of what we have to offer the military. This publication covers breaking news to the readers of larger cities about small town designers, musicians, and comedians. Readers find E-Line to bring joy and laughter to readers that read about how small town icon’s go from rags to riches. E-Line readers are kept in the loop with the latest fashions, hairstyles, celebrity profiles, cultural changes, and health and beauty products and tips. We let our readers know “what’s hot? And what’s not?” E- Line has the inside scoop about the music industry, comedy corner and how to make your money


E-Line Magazine is an extraordinary magazine that takes you on a journey to the land of fashion, arts and entertainment. This creative bi-

Dead Lines:

The deadlines for all ads and articles is the 15th of every month  The layout needs to be previewed by editor.


Advertising Schedule:

Contracts must accompany all ads.


Advertising Design

Advertising Design and layout is an integral element for our magazine’s Look. We must have all ads on JPEG. If you do not and we have to

convert it ourselves, it will be an additional $30, or $50 with the logo.

Payment Policy

We must have half down for ad to be in magazine. The balance must be Paid within 30 days from billing. We do accept postdated checks.


Special Rates

3 months paid in advance – 3% discount

6 months paid in advance - 5% discount

12 months paid in advance-10% discount


Also, the client that has purchased the most full page ads at the end of the year will get the cover free.

For On-line & Print

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