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"Ditching Perfection: How Embracing Imperfection Can Lead to Greater Success"

I'm not putting it on my page it's just not the standard of what I do!
Can A Continual Need for Perfection Stop You from reaching your FULL POTENTIAL?

In todays world most people spend years emulating perfection and trying to make people feel like if they dont move like them they can't me associated with them. Years ago I use to be like that many years ago but now I realize besides the fact that I am blessed and highly favored I understand who I am and what my value and role is, its not perfection its quality but it's lack of something as well it's not for clout and approval and status it's for my bigger plan and for money so I can continue to keep building for my childrens children. I aim for excellence and I understand that when an investor comes to invest if I dont have a need I wont get that investment. What perfectionist dont understand is if they are so perfect that when a potential person, company, or investor who can level them up chooses not to invest in them it's because they kept saying how you do things, and how things have to be. You lack the ability to be able to do things that are not at your standard.

I'm amazed and how many prople dont make real money in their business but hang out with C&D list celebrties, they stay making the best content and doing their 1 event a year out their money but turn their nose up to people that they feel dont meet their level of excellence. Meanehile while they continue to have the best social media content the person they feel lacks quality is making money and getting investments and moving in silence even though their social media is interesting but its not branded the way the Perfectionist would have done it. They can't figure out why this not perfect person is thriving and they dont have content

like them their statement pieces arent the quality they feel it should be.

The key to success is knowing what you do good and doing that and not thinking that everyone should work like you or aim for perfecrion like you. See there are straight hair ladies that not one hair falls out of place then there are curly hair ladies that dye their hair every other month and they clothes never match. Then their are those who appear to be perfectionist from their outside appearance they dress well they have some great things going on, they are articulate but that's the lady with the messy bun.

  1. The curly hair lady thinks out the box and can fit into any group and be whoever whenever, her ear is always to the ground she has something about her almost everyone likes. She will always bring a crowd and get people to do whatever she wants. She is usally the last one in the room but the first one out the room. People never really feel threatened so when she comes to put in work people route for her.

  2. The messy bun lady who dresses and almost seems like a perfectionist but for the messy bun. She has no attention to detail she is all about the bigger picture. She is mysterious but effective. Most people love to hate her but she gets results, she brings in the money. She will walk through a swap with her Channel boots because her objective is to COMPLETE with quality and master that proces. Nobody understands her swag with her messy bun. Yet when it comes to business whe kills.

  3. The straight hair lady with her perfect outfit everything she does has to be a certain way, "HER way" and if you dont meet her standard she wont share your post she wont come to your events, she feels it may mess up her brand. Yet no real money is coming her way. She is all over social media with content and haning out with the C & D list celebrities. You cant ever tell her, her work is not correct because she believes she is perfect. With all her famous and industry friends her confidence is high. The only problem is she has been doing the same stuff over and over and she hasnt really got to where she wants in life. She has had some great highs and some lows but she cant see that her perception of being perfect is the reason she is really not reaching her full potential. She wants help but she does mostly everything herself because she dont trust people and she dont have the money.

The crazy thing is that while all of them appear to be succesful. The curly hair lady has the people so she always has someone to partner with and keep moving, but she is lacking in a few areas but she is content. The messy bun lady is making big moves and getting finacially compensated. Although her quality is not always the same she completes and people respect that and trust her for that. Her ability to think on the fly and keep oppotunities flowing is what makes her special. The messy bun lady and curly hair lady work together sometimes and do really well but the perfect girl thinks they are below her.

I said all this to say the key to success is to know what you do well just becuse you can do a little of everything pretty good, does not mean you should do everythig. If you are the perfectionist learn that everyone you associate with should add value and that value should be different then yours. Celebrities are great for social media but maybe working with people like you that can see the big pitcure while you handle the attention to detail and they can draw the crowd in so while one creates a way to be compensated the other presents their commitment to excellence and together things can change for the good.

RELATIONSHIPS with different types of people is the key to success. Bring your strengths to the table let them bring their strengths to the table so that there is no more weeknesses and the ability to really reach your full potential is a reality.

Stop getting mad people are not YOU and get excited about what they can do differently. No investor or corporate company is impressed when you say you do it all and you think everything is perfect. Create a need that either you can fix or that you need fixed and build a table with people who seem to be doing good but you see you have what they need.

Being Perfect is not real it's not supporting others because they dont do things in your version of excellence. Just may be the reason you havent reached your full potential. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS INSTEAD OF TEARING THEM DOWN OVER PETTY JUDGMMENTAL ATTITUDES OF CONTROL.

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