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Author & Speaker

tell the truth shame the devil

Shateasha Reese is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who empowers those who’ve endured trauma to heal by sharing her journey of going from tragedy to triumph.

Originally from Louisville, KY, but grew up around the world as the result of being the daughter of an U.S. Army Sargent. Shateasha showed promise early in life. She was a star student with a passion for literature and spoken word. Her light was dimmed on a dreadful day at the age of 13. Shateasha’s family was dismantled by a single act of violence and she was thrust into a world of loneliness and uncertainty.

Shateasha spent a large portion of her life angry and afraid as she struggled to identify with herself and the world around her. Although her journey was difficult at best she went on to become a Registerd Nurse leader, bringing healing to the most vulnerable. She found deliverance in healing others. Her strength and tenacity wouldn’t allow her to fold under the overwhelming pain of her past, she vowed to press forward.

In 1995 Shateasha lived in Fort Riley, Kansas with her Father her mother and 2 year old brother they lived in a military community on a military installation. Shateasha loved it, their neighbors were like their family, but one day Shateasha came home to find her mother dead in a pool of blood and footsteps of a 2 year old leading to a bedroom where she found her brother sitting beside her naked blood soaked father both who were still alive. Shateasha said when she looked at in her father’s eyes “it didnt even seem like it was the same man she called dad. Just that fast young Shateasha’s life was about to change drastically and there would be nothing she could do about it.


After that horrific day, her brother and her went back to Louisville to stay with her Fathers family, the mothers family couldnt finacially support the two children so the decision was made that it would be the fathers Mother their Grandmother the two children would live with. Shateasha said from the day they got their the grandmother said “she had to move on”, and they never discussed the murder of her mother or the murderer or the circumstaces that surrounded it. The trauma had happen and the opportunity for healing was overlooked. Shateasha’s fathers Mother was very respected in her community she was a retired police officer who worked crimes against children and was currently a proud foster parent and dedicated, faithful woman of God and member of very popular church. Whan Shateasha and her brother arrived their were 3 other girls in the home and the grandmothers adopted teenage son. It didn’t take long for Shateasha and her brother to settle in but while she was still grieving and thinking of her mothers image the adopted son would begin to rape Shateasha at night in her grandmothers home. Shateasha opened up to the other girls and came to find out that he had been raping them as well.


It wasent long before this A student started to do badly in school, she was fighting in school all the time withdrawn from other children and her Grandmother who had high hopes for her was very disppointed but also very dismissive of the things going on in her home. The young Shateasha finally found a friend, young man a few years older then her he spoiled her with attention and she confided in him she thought she finally had someone who had her back. That was short lived because he became violent with her and controlling. One day she was taking the trash out in her backyard and the young man was waiting on her and as she turned around to head back to the house the young man violently attacked and rapped her, this rape would result in a pregnancy. Shateasha was just 14 the young man 17 and her family thought she was just being wild and out of control but Shateasha said and I quote “she chose not to tell them because she didnt think they would believe her but she also would prefer to be thought of as a whore then a victim again”. The grandmother insured the preganacy was terminated but Shateasha couldnt gain contol of her life even after. Until she began to heal and she did begin to heal….


Her passion for the uplifting of the downtrodden inspired her to pen her memoir Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil trilogy which she self published in 2022. In her memoir she gives an intimate account of her journey to healing from the trauma that almost caused her to lose herself. Through writing and telling her story she discovers something much more profound than her purpose, she discovers her authentic self.

Shateasha is a member of the Black Nurses Association, Black Achiever’s Alumni, and is a contributing member of I’d Rather Be Reading which is a safe haven for kids who’ve experienced trauma within their homes. Shateasha is passionate about uplifting souls that have experienced the unthinkable and aiding them in the discovery of their path to purpose and power.

This is why E-Line wanted to share her story and spotlight her under Just Another Black Girl, so that people would know being just another black girl is being vulnerble, and strong, bold and peaceful, transparent and surreal and POWERFUL and UNIQUE because sharing your Truth is difficult and not popolar but Shateasha Reese did just that! We BOW DOWN to this QUEEN as we choose to giver her, her flowers in the midst of her success!

You Can Find her Book on AMAZON and all other Book Platforms!

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